Linda Vista Farmers’ Market

Linda Vista

It’s another Thursday in Linda Vista. A group of women sit around a table at the Linda Vista Farmers’ Market chatting about their lives. We meet neighborhood resident Thuy Le, a Vietnamese refugee and senior on Social Security. She explains that when she was able to work she would buy organic produce, now on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) she’s not able to afford both rent and the produce at the farmers’ market. Thuy is concerned that the processed and pesticide-grown foods at the supermarket are bad for her health, but must buy them because of her limited income. Often she is not able to afford food at the farmers’ market or the supermarket and must seek emergency food distribution at Bayside Community Center or be indebted to her credit card company for end of the month meals. Regardless of purchasing produce at the farmers’ market, Thuy is there every week with friends seeking deals and enjoying the experience of the farmers’ market.