Margarita’s Fresh Flowers, Produce and Plants

Linda Vista

At Margarita’s Fresh Flowers, Produce & Plants we meet Santos Hernandez and his family. Santos, a Oaxacan native started a farmers’ market booth at Kobey’s Swap Meet on Sports Arena Blvd. before he opened his own roadside shop in 2000. Naming the market and nursery after his mother, Margarita, he sells bouquets of flowers cut fresh from Encinitas. The flower and vegetable transplants, along with the fresh produce in his shop come from his farm in Escondido. Now open seven days a week, plus two days at the swap meet with the help from his family, Santos leads a busy life. It’s a life he enjoys, spending time with his children and wife, getting plenty of exercise at work, being around healthy food all the time, and straying from harmful substances. The family business seems to be running okay for Santos, but he doesn’t see himself passing the business down to his kids. University and medical school is what he sees in his children’s future.