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Media Arts Center San Diego | Video Production Services_

#Reel @Media Arts Center San Diego *Collaboration with Ryan Kuratomi

Land & Freedom_

#Documentary #Trailer @Land & Freedom: Talking Food Systems #Cal Humanities Community Stories Grant *Collaboration with Ryan Kuratomi

A Mother’s Plea for Safety Improvements On 54th Street_

#Video Journalism @Speak City Heights

City Heights Program Works to Get Kids to School On Time_

#Video Journalism @Speak City Heights @KPBS *Collaboration with Megan Burks

Our Living Watershed_

#Promo @San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy #Media Arts Center San Diego *Collaboration with Ryan Kuratomi

These Days_

#Short Narrative Film *Collaboration with Andrew Duenas, Steven Ketchum, Kyle Watai, Dan Olson, & Alan Tran

Age of Collapse_

#Music Video @BlankTV *Collaboration with Age of Collapse